E5 Engineering

Making Ideas Happen

E5 Engineering is a Tampa based engineering technology resource company. We solve problems by utilizing and developing technology.  Our company provides systems integration, prototyping, manufacturing, and technical consulting to a variety of markets. We aim to provide economically feasible solutions that have the largest impact for the client.


Total Technical Resource

E5 Engineering offers product design and technical system integration to the most demanding clients. As an engineering technical resource, E5 can provide a solution to technical problems, on time, and on budget. We enjoy tough problems.

Some Projects Performed by E5 Engineering have included: wireless sensor networks, precision motor control, high voltage power supplies, art installations, custom computer software, and mobile apps for specialized hardware control. 

The main office for E5 Engineering on S Armenia Ave. 

The main office for E5 Engineering on S Armenia Ave. 

Development Services

Custom photospectrometer systems and expertese. 

Custom photospectrometer systems and expertese. 

Microfabrication Prototyping

Microfabrication Prototyping
Lithography and Metal Etch 
Wafer Dicing 
Microfabricated (MEMS) Sensor Design
SEM Imagery (Hitachi SU-70 High Resolution SEM)

Systems Design/Support

Technology Requirement
Project Management
Data Systems
Systems Integration
Independent Scientific Verification/Validation

Engineering Support

PCB Design
Battery Systems/Charging
Power Supply Design
Mesh Networking
Micro-controller Dev.
RF Antenna/Filter Design
3D CAD/Solidworks


Technical Writing
Technology analysis
Grant Support
3D Graphics / Video
New Technology Studies