E5 Engineering

Making Ideas Happen

E5 Engineering is a Tampa based engineering technology resource company. We solve problems by utilizing and developing technology.  Our company provides systems integration, prototyping, manufacturing, and technical consulting to a variety of markets. We aim to provide economically feasible solutions that have the largest impact for the client.

E5 Engineering is looking to partner with government entities and contractors.

Business Information.

E5 Engineering (Corporate Capabilities)


541712: Research and Development for Engineering and Science

541618: Management 541690: Other Scientific and Technical Consulting

DUNS Number: 078824347

Systems Design/Support

Technology Requirements

Project Management

Data Systems

Systems Integration

Independent Scientific Verification/Validation

Engineering Support

PCB Design

Battery Systems/Charging

Power Supply Design

Mesh Networking

Micro-controller Dev.

RF Antenna/Filter Design

3D CAD/Solidworks


Technical Writing

Technology analysis

Grant Support

3D Graphics / Video

New Technology Studies