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Quantum Locking Will Blow Your Mind.

A video has been going around Youtube that was so amazing that its validity was disputed. After some research, we are here to tell you that quantum locking is a real phenomena Quantum locking is a close relative of the Meissner effect experiment that is a common demonstration in a university physics class.  A rare-earth magnet floats above a superconductor due to a current in the surface of the magnet that "pushes back" against the rare earth magnet above. 

When you change the material of the magnet to a certain material that "pins" the magnetic flux lines in place the result pinch will keep the top magnet in place with every new move. This is the secret sauce. The floating magnet is pinned in 3d space above the semiconductor and is completely reposition able. Crazy!

Magnetic Flux lines pinned in place. 

Magnetic Flux lines pinned in place. 

Watch the video!